The Golden Age of Piracy

So we're Pirates now
How are we going to do this?

So we’re pirates now. We’ve killed the former Captain Dutch Guy, and now Var Bastion is the new captain, cause he’s da biggest an’ da greenest. Through the battle, approximately half of the crew was killed, and now we are with 20 sailors, the literal minimum required to operate the boat safely.

What’s left is to determine precisely how we’re going to deal with our current situation. We have a cargo hold full of sugar and about 2 months of food and supplies. We can last longer, if we extend our rations via fishing and our Cleric’s ability to Purify Food and Drink and Create Water.

We must also consider the possibility that we run into more trouble on the way to port. Losing more crew members could spell disaster for us, as we’ll not have enough hands to sail the ship safely.

The way I see it, we have a few options:
1. Eat the sugar cause it’s delicious. – Obviously our best bet.

2. Continue our current job as originally planned (Sans Dutchmen), deliver the sugar to its original promised location, try to talk our way through the inevitable problem of ’Where’s that guy who was supposed to be commanding this ship and what happened to all the other dutch people?’ and any other problematic questions they may have, and collect our pay.

Assuming Former Captain Dutch Guy was the actual owner of the ship, and not just hired to command it by a financier, the boat is basically ours now. We might need to update some official paperwork or something. If we go with this, it’ll be probably best if we speak well of the captain during our talks with our business contacts at port. This option will likely result in the most money for our cargo.

3. Take the cargo to a different port, sell it there. This is fairly self-explanatory, we just don’t go, and the people expecting a shipment of sugar are left to assume that we all died at sea. We’ll probably want to modify any of the ship’s identifying characteristics, like the name of the ship that might be on a side or something. If people recognize the vessel, they will assume that we are pirates and likely cause trouble for us.

The Mutiny of the Triumphant


Davina Excovenned
Ulysses Bradshaw
Var Bastion


After intolerable conditions suffered by the crew of the Triuphant, a merchant schooner, tensions have run high aboard the ship. Mutiny Ensued, Dutchmen (and a certain asshole Gnome) were executed, and the mighty Half-Orc Var Bastion was declared leader of what is now a pirate ship.


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